6th – 8th September 2024

With 14 different categories to enter, a panel of van expert judges, & the beautiful Malvern Hills as a backdrop – do you think you might have a winner?

What is the Show & Shine?

The Show & Shine event is a competition where our fellow van enthusiasts get to enter & show off their pride and joys. It really is a must see event simply to appreciate the hard work and dedication some of our attendees put into their vehicles.

Even if you don’t have a van to enter yourself, perhaps looking at some of the incredible entrants will inspire you to start your next project.

Please fill out the entry form below to secure your slot

The Show & Shine competition is held on Sunday in the main display arena- all those wishing to partake will need to have submitted an online entry form by 5pm on the Saturday of the event at the very latest. Fill out the entry form HERE.

If you wish to enter your vehicle in the Show & Shine competition but are only coming as a Sunday Day Visitor please enter the showground through Yellow or Brown gate. You must have an advanced day visitor ticket to be able to enter the competition, you can purchase yours HERE.

Up to 150 Vehicles can be accommodated with limits set per class and the winners for each class will be judged by a selection of VW Experts with the judge’s changing year to year.

Gates open at 9am on the display arena and are open till 11am to park up for the competition.

Judging takes place from 11am till 2pm. Once the Judging has finished (sometime before 2pm), rosettes will be placed on vehicles that have won a prize. If you are fortunate enough to receive a rosette, please attend the prize giving at approx. 4pm in the Seven Hall to receive your prize.

A – Best Split Screen
B – Best Bay Window
C – Best T25/T3
D – Best T4
E – Best T5
F – Best T6
G – Rust & Prime
H – Best Commercial Van/Pickup
I – Best Car (Aircooled)
J – Best Car (Watercooled)
K – Best Other VW
L – Best Interior
M – Mystery Judges Choice
N – Best in Show
Upon entering you’ll be required to choose which category you wish to enter your vehicle, ALL vehicles will be entered into Best Interior & Mystery Judges Choice and all category winners will be entered into Best In Show

Want some more info? Get in touch with our Show & Shine organiser : [email protected]

Show & Shine Rules

1: You must have a valid Busfest ticket before entering Show & Shine

2: All Vehicles must be presented as road legal this includes (visible) number plates

3: Only people with current Driving licences and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs may drive within the site

4: You must advise on your form if you need extra space for a trailer or something that attaches to your van (hammock etc)

4: All entries must be completed online buy 5pm on the Saturday of Busfest

5: You should be parked up in the display arena between 9am & 11am and expect judging to be concluded by 3pm if a rosette is placed on your vehicle, please attend the prize giving ceremony in the Severn Hall at 4pm

6: No loud stereos are to be used on site this includes the Show & Shine, low volume music is allowed as part of you display but there is a 1 warning system in place and violating this will result in you being removed from the arena and possibly the event

7: Any prizes offered must be collected at the prize giving by an adult or minor accompanied by an adult – they will not be posted out to you

8: The site has a no powered vehicles rule and therefore tot rods and other electric/fuel vehicles are not permitted on site or in the display arena unless arranged as part of your entry with the Show & Shine Manager

9: You must be polite and follow instructions of marshals during the event, any negative behaviour will result in your exclusion from Show & Shine

10: Excessive engine revving is not permitted, please be considerate to those camping around the arena by keeping noise to a minimum when entering and leaving the show. Once parked the engine should be switched off until you are set to leave the field

Lastly we all – including the organisers and marshals – do this for fun so please enjoy the show and respect your fellow competitors and have a great day.

“Amazing to see so many VW’s in all shapes and sizes.
Everyone is friendly, chatty & a great spirit to enjoy the weekend.”

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