6th – 8th September 2024
Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW

If you’re very into your Syncros you might be interested in our Syncrofest held near Aberystwyth in Wales, where each day you’ll head out in groups to tackle some challenging Green Laning routes and put your Syncro’s to the test. Scroll to the bottom for more information.

The Syncro Zone

Found near the Main Arena in our extensive Syncro Zone – you’ll find an array of vans on display, many of which are very well travelled & have achieved some tremendous feats. You’ll also find our syncro Obstacle course with demonstrations running throughout the event.

2WD T3 – 4WD Syncro Challenge

This year the maniacs in our Syncro Zone (Mike Ghia, Dave Spiller & crew) have decided to take on the challenge of converting a two wheel drive T3 to a 4 wheel drive Syncro in just 3 days.
They previously accomplished this in 2014 so we’ll see if they’re still up to the task!

This display will be taking place in the Syncro Zone near the Main Arena. Please come and see them hard at work, the conversion will start on Friday morning and (all being well) be completed by Sunday evening.

They might need a bit of support & encouragement to help get the through it but they’ll certainly get the job done.

Rebel 1

If you’ve attended Busfest before then you’ve definitely seen (or at the very least heard) our Rebel 1 tearing up a storm in the Main Display Arena on our Syncro Obstacle Course made up of the see-saw, skips, flex ramp and jump ramp.

The Syncro Trial

The German Syncro Trial takes place at 10:00 am on Saturday at the Syncro Trial course located at the top of the General Camping Area.
This Trial is designed not only to test your vehicle but also your skill – as power and durability won’t be enough to succeed in this challenge.

If you’d like to take part in the Syncro Trial please bring your vehicle to the raised walkway near the Main Arena for 9:30am on Saturday

Please ensure your vehicle is in suitable condition to take part in this challenge before attempting the course as we’ hate for you to do any damage to your pride & joy. In previous years the passenger has had to hold onto a cup of water with the most water left in the cup at the finish line the winner or balancing a ball in a cup where you must not drop it.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure your van (or yourself) is up to the task it’s certainly an entertaining event to watch from the sidelines and if afterwards you feel inspired to give it a go yourself you can enter next year.

Syncro Displays

If you’ll be attending Bufest in any VW 4 wheel drive Commercial Vehicle (T3 Syncro, T4 Syncro, T5 4 Motion, T6 4 Motion, VW Iltis, Amarok, Crafter 4 Motion etc.) and would like to display your vehicle we’d love to include you in our Syncro Zone – located next to the Main Arena.

Those included in the Syncro Zone display are welcome to camp right in the Syncro zone – though you may loudly woken up by the Rebel 1 & Rebel 2 tearing around the Main Arena!

If you would like to be part of the Syncro display at Busfest, please contact Mike Ghia for the required pass code which allows you to book within the Syncro zone
[email protected]

Every year we have a wide array of vehicles, many of which are very well travelled and have taken part in some truly incredible adventures and all have their own unique designs and quirks. Have a wander around and chat to fellow enthusiasts and perhaps you’ll gain a few ideas for your next upgrade.


Every year in in July a group of 4X4 lovers trek out to Aberystwyth in Wales to test out some of their both challenging and beautifully scenic green laning routes.

If you’re interested in Green Laning, Mike Ghia and our crew at our Syncro Zone at Busfest can tell you all about this fantastic event and what you’ll need r please head to the VW 4X4 Green Laning Group for all the information you might need and to book tickets.

You’ll need to make sure your vehicle is up to the task as some of these route’s are no joke, their group has lots of helpful information about what you need, what to check, what to expect etc. The group is made up of lots of adventurous and experienced individuals who will be happy to help anyone looking to get into Green Laning.

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